Growing Family? Planning Tips for Your Home Addition

Your family home is the place where you and the rest of your family stretch out and accomplish your daily activities. But for a variety of reasons, growing families tend to run out of space. You may be expecting a new child, or perhaps a parent or other family member is unexpectedly moving in with you. Your teenager may be outgrowing their childhood bedroom, or maybe you’ve been itching to enlarge your bedroom into a master suite.

When your family is growing and you find that the walls of your home are stretching to the limit, what can you do? A professional residential contractor can guide you on how to start your home renovation journey.

Aesthetic Tips

When it comes time to renovate, start by considering how you would like your renovation to look from the outside. After all, this addition will affect the outer appearance of your home and the best additions will have a positive impact on resale value. Here are some aesthetic things to watch out for when you’re considering an addition:

  • If possible, keep additions to the back or to the side of the house.
  • Study the proportions of your home and make sure that the addition you want does make your home look imbalanced.
  • Keep the materials and stylings within the guidelines of the original home. When you deviate from the original home, it makes the addition stand out.
  • Keep the roof line as close to the original as possible.

Bear these tips in mind and you’ll be one more step toward your addition blending in beautifully with the home you already have.

Addition Tips

Be sure to consult with your contractor regarding how you want to use each new space in your home. For now, here are a few tips to consider when it comes to the design of your space.

If the space will be used for an infant, an en suite bathroom is ideal. Make sure that you have adequate closet space for clothing and toy storage. Window seating is also a nice addition for a nursery.

An en suite is also recommended if you are taking in an aging parent. The bathroom itself should be outfitted with grab bars and other precautionary measures, including non-skid flooring and larger doorways for walkers and wheelchairs. If there is room, a kitchenette is also ideal.

As nobody wants to share a bathroom with a teenager, an en suite is also a good idea for their room. If you have the space, make sure there is room for a desk to encourage your teenager in their studies. For a master suite, don’t forget to think about a reading nook or an office off the suite.

Professional home contractors can help create the space that will work best for your family. Plus, after adding much needed space to your family home, these additions will add value to your home if/when you ever end up putting it on the market.

Choosing a builder is the most important part of any home renovation or remodel. If you have a growing family in the Nashville, Tennessee area,the professional home contractors at Vesta Homes, LLC can consult about an addition and are ready to remodel your home. We work with a hand selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. Contact our professional contractors today.

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