5 Durable Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Your garage is an extension of your home – the place where you store your vehicle, your lawn equipment, and a variety of other items. In order to locate what you need as quickly as possible, it’s essential to find the most beneficial and durable garage storage solution. While some of these solutions can be easily purchased at a retailer, you may want to have other customizable pieces fashioned for your garage by a professional home contractor. Let’s take a look at a five popular options.

Bins and Shelving

Some of the easiest storage solutions involve using materials that you already have on hand, or that can be purchased at any hardware or container store.

Plastic storage bins are a great way to store clutter and extra items in your garage. These bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though any amount of stacking is not ideal for quick and easy access to your belongings. (We’ll tell you about a better bin storage solution later on in this post.)

If you want to take full advantage of the walls in your garage, consider sliding shelves as a solution. Sliding shelves can be installed at multiple levels. You can still store boxes and crates on sliding shelf units, depending on their level. While you might be tempted to take on a sliding shelf installation yourself, remember that it takes some craftsmanship to get the right fit. At Vesta Homes, LLC we’re happy to handle the details of any shelf installation for you.

Two Kinds of Cabinets

Given the wide range of items that homeowners end up storing in their garage, cabinetry presents itself as an ideal solution.

If a low cost is your top priority, you can choose from a variety of prefabricated cabinets for installation in your garage. These cabinets will serve you well for storage, though the options for customizing them for the specific needs of your garage are quite slim.

With a custom cabinetry system, however, you can work with a contractor to create a cabinetry system that is perfect for the space available in your garage. You can decide which size cabinets should occupy the upper or lower levels, which ones should remain open, and which ones should be fitted with custom cabinet doors. If you want a few cabinets for horizontal storage of smaller items and a larger vertical cabinet for garden tools, just tell the contractors at Vesta Homes, LLC and we’ll be happy to help. Custom cabinetry is always a beautiful solution and can even give your garage a touch of class.

Ceiling Storage

If you have a small garage, you need every bit of space you can find. When you’re looking for garage storage solutions, don’t forget about all the unused space above your head.

There are several solutions for ceiling storage, including ceiling mounted storage racks for plastic bins and totes. These racks eliminate the inconvenience and potential danger of stacking boxes in your garage. Additionally, shelves that are mounted from the ceiling allow for even more storage on the ground. When all of those totes are firmly stored above, you’ll finally have room for that bike rack below.

Of course, if you need more than storage in your garage and are looking for a home remodeling company to customize your garage in the Nashville, Tennessee area, contact the remodeling contractors at Vesta Homes, LLC today. We work with a hand selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. We can help you with custom cabinetry and shelving, a garage remodel, or we can build a new functional garage that will suit your every need.

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