Bathroom Remodel: 6 Fixture Updates for a New Look

On the surface, every bathroom is the same; it needs a toilet, a sink, and maybe a tub or a shower. But in reality bathrooms are a place for unique creativity when it comes to the specific features that adorn each of these essential components. Changing out some features is a unique way to update the look and feel of your bathroom while still staying within a reasonable budget.

Here are six fixtures you could switch out to make a significant change to the look and feel of you bathroom.

Faucets, Showerheads, and Shower Doors

In this first set of fixture changes, let’s look at the basics:

  • Faucets – Sink faucets can vary from the basic one or two knob models to faucets that flow like a waterfall. Knobs on faucets can vary in style and finishes come in copper, brass, nickel, etc. Styles run the gamut from highly traditional to contemporary and modern.
  • Shower Heads – A new shower head can change the entire look of your bath. There are several types that you can from.  Starting with the most basic wall-mounted unit, you can then move on to a rain shower head that gives you full coverage. If you prefer a more targeted spray, you can choose a hand-held unit. There are also body spray and slide bars to allow an invigorating spray down the walls of your shower.
  • Shower Doors – If you are tired of changing out shower curtains and dealing with standing water on the floor, then a shower door may be the solution for you. While there are standard shower doors available for standard bathtubs and showers, custom doors are available for a seamless look that will make any bathroom glisten. You can even have custom etchings added to the doors.

These fixtures are just the beginning when it comes to updating your bathroom on a budget.

Mirrors, Lighting, and More

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to start adding some further touches that will truly tie the bathroom together.

  • Mirrors – No bathroom is complete without a mirror. While many outdated bathrooms have wall-to-wall mirrors, you can update some mirrors simply by adding trim. If you need to add a new mirror to your bathroom, try one in a fun shape and trimmed in a color that accents the space.
  • Lighting – Lighting is essential in a bathroom. Not only do you want lights overhead and at the vanity, but pendant lighting in the bathroom is very trendy and stands the test of time. If you have a standalone bathtub, a pendant light above the tub is a classy accent.
  • Other Fixtures – There are a variety of other fixtures that will enable you to find the right look for your bathroom, including decorative soap holders and toilet handles. While these are not always necessary changes, they will enhance the overall look of your space.

Additionally, you might want to consider changing all the knobs and pulls in the bathroom to match the new finishes. Silver finished knobs and pulls coupled with brass fixtures are confusing to the eye.

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