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In today’s housing market, a professional home contractor can be an asset to both a real estate investor and a realtor. Depending on the amount of home remodeling a house needs, you can potentially turn a major profit on an investment, or sell a home for top dollar in a short amount of time. Choosing not to do home renovations on a home investment may end up costing you money, but partnering with the right home renovation contractor can help in a variety of ways.

Real Estate Investors

If you’ve invested in real estate, you want to be able to turn a profit from your homes. Here are a few common ways to do so:

  • Flipping a Home – If you have the intention to buy and resell, a reputable home remodeling company can help you get the home ready. While you can sell the home the same way you purchased it, you’re not likely to see a very good return. By completing any home renovations that need to be done, you are putting a home on the market in better condition than you found it. This will both increase your home’s value and give you a product that you can proudly stand behind. A home contractor can also help you with which specific renovations will render the best returns for the money, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Rental Property – If your portfolio includes a rental property, make sure that the homes are in good shape so that you can get optimal rental rates. A remodeling contractor can do any work that you need to get your properties up to date and get your rental rates up to where they need to be. Home remodeling companies know how to work according to the current trends while still keeping things neutral for longevity. This will help you with get the most for your return.


Some homes can sit on the market for a long time due to disrepair. Here are a couple of ways that a home remodeling contractor can assist a realtor.

  • Helping with the Sale of a Home – By partnering with a residential renovation company, you can recommend the right repairs to your homeowner to help move the property. Not only will remodeling their home help them sell the home faster, they may be able to sell the home for a more optimal price.
  • After a Sale – After a realtor sells a home, their interaction with the new home owner usually isn’t complete. The new home owner depends on them for recommendations for everything from a dry cleaner to a grocery store. The same goes for home contractors. By having a professional home remodeling contractor that the realtor knows is trustworthy, they have someone to recommend to new homeowners who need home renovations.

If you are looking to partner with a professional residential contractor in Nashville, Tennessee or the surrounding areas, contact Vesta Homes, LLC. We know what it takes to build a quality home, addition, or remodel from the bottom up that will stand the test of time. We have years of experience and would love to help you with all of your remodeling needs.

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