Vesta Homes Remodeling— Portfolio

At Vesta Homes, LLC, building and transforming homes is our passion. We take pride in every project we take on, whether it’s a simple bathroom remodel or constructing a brand new home in Nashville, Tennessee. We want to share the fruits of our work with you to give you an idea of what our contractors can do for your home. Please browse our extensive and growing portfolio of past Vesta Homes, LLC projects for residents all over Nashville, TN.

What You’re Looking At

With so many images to flip through, you might wonder what’s going on in each frame. Each project is unique, of course, and some of these images are part of one larger project for a single home. Without getting too in the weeds for each image, let’s break down some of the things you’ll see in this collection.

Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling your bathroom is a good investment, even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon. New bathrooms can yield anywhere between a 60% and 80% return on investment. In our portfolio, you’ll see a number of the bathroom remodeling projects we’ve done for our clients, including small bathroom makeovers and more extensive remodels.

Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen remodel can significantly increase the value of your home, potentially even more than a bathroom renovation. New cabinets, light fixtures, and modern layouts can truly transform a home. Here you’ll find some examples of our kitchen remodels and renovations.

Deck and Patio Construction

The temperate climate in Nashville, TN calls for some additional outdoor space. Vesta Homes, LLC’s deck and patio construction contractors can help you enjoy the good weather the way you want to. We work with wood, concrete, brick, and stone, as you’ll see in some of these pictures.

New Home Construction

Home remodeling is rewarding, but we also enjoy when a client wants to start from scratch as well. Take a look at some of our custom home designs to get a feel for the homes we can create. We take pictures of all our work, so look forward to seeing even more constructions, renovations, and remodels!

Vesta Homes, LLC works with a hand-selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. We understand that choosing a builder is the most important part of your project. If you are thinking about building a home or remodeling your existing home in Nashville, TN, please give us a call!