Vesta Homes Remodeling— Our Process

Every renovation or remodel project is unique. That doesn’t mean the underlying process should change every time, though. You want to know what’s going on every step of the way, no matter how big or small the remodeling job. That’s why Vesta Homes, LLC keeps things simple for all of our clients, offering a streamlined, standardized process for all home remodeling projects. Let’s break down this process step by step.

  1. Craft an Estimate

The first step of our process is figuring out what you want, with as much detail as possible. To help us out, we recommend that your request include pictures, detailed descriptions, and any plans or sketches you may have. Once we have this useful information, we will use it to provide you with a realistic estimate. You can then ask us questions regarding our estimate so we can come to an agreement. Then it’s time for our remodeling contractors to visit the site to get a detailed look at the project and provide further consultation (consultation fees apply).

  1. Go Over the Design Agreement

From here, the process becomes more tangible. Our lead designer will go through the selection process and begin mapping out all details pertaining to the project. This will allow us to develop the overall scope of the job, and finalize our selections and plans.

  1. Cost Analysis and Proposal

Now that our team has a concrete idea of what materials are necessary, who will be involved in the project, and how long it will likely take, we can present you with a final bid. Upon agreement, we will sign a contract so the real work can begin.

  1. Construction begins

Before we begin remodeling your house, we must ensure that all proper permits get issued. Not all renovations require a permit, such as installing new countertops or replacing faucets. However, major structural changes that shift a home’s support or add major features typically do require a permit. Once all necessary permits are in order, construction can begin.

  1. Keeping an Open Line of Communication

The actual labor and construction aside, communication is hands down the most important part of any home remodeling project. We want you to know what’s going on at every step, which includes any changes in pricing, delays in construction, or other concerns.

At Vesta Homes, LLC, we understand that maintaining transparency is key to building strong relationships will our clients. This is why we provide an online management portal that gives you updates on our schedule, job logs, change orders, and more. Through this software, you can send us messages, view our progress, and easily keep track of costs.

Whether you’re investing in a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or any other type of renovation, you can rely on Vesta Homes, LLC’s straightforward, uniform, and transparent process. Vesta Homes, LLC works with a hand-selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. We understand that choosing a builder is the most important part of your project. If you are thinking about building a home or remodeling your existing home in Nashville, TN, please give us a call!