Roof Replacement and Repair

Vesta Home Remodeling— Roof Replacement and Repair

Your home is one of your most important assets and your roof protects everything inside, from your belongings to your family. Given the the value of your home and the pricelessness of the people who live under your roof, when your roof needs repairs or replacement, you should look to a professional residential roofing contractor. A knowledgeable contractor will assess the condition of your roof and soundly determine any maintenance you might need.

Roof Repair

When a professional roofing contractor comes to inspect your roof, they’ll be able to tell you whether your roof needs a full replacement, or if it can get by with just a few roofing repairs. For instance, though shingles are very durable, sometimes a few damaged shingles need to be replaced. Similarly, a home roofing company can determine if your decking or underlayment has been damaged in any way. This will be an important factor in determining whether just a few shingles need to be replaced or if a complete roof replacement is in order.

It may be difficult to repair a roof with new shingles if matching shingles prove hard to find. If some shingles need replaced on the front of your home, you probably don’t want every passerby to see mismatched shingles on your roof. Nevertheless, if the needy section of your roof is not that conspicuous, you may not mind if the shingles do not match. Either way, an experienced roofing contractor can help brainstorm the best solutions for repairing your roof in a manner that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

If your roofing contractor tells you that you need to replace some shingles, do not wait. Waiting to replace shingles can leave room for harsh winds and moisture to get under the underlayment and into the deck of the roof. These two annoyances combined will lead to a leaking and rotting roof.

Roof Replacement

After your home roofing contractor has done a thorough inspection, they will alert you whether you roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Needing your roof replaced will depend on several factors:

  • Age of your roof – If your roof is over twenty years old and leaking, chances are that your roof has reached its lifespan and needs to be replaced. However, if your roof is only a few years old and there are multiple leak issues, there may be a significant problem with the materials used when it was first installed. A residential roofing contractor will be able to discen how best to address these issues.
  • Water damage or moisture – Once water or moisture begins to seep into your home via the roof, you can quickly begin to notice spots on the ceilings, mold, peeling paint, and perhaps even health issues for the people who live under your roof. Once this occurs, it is safer to replace your roof than repair or patch it.
  • Natural Disaster – If your area was recently affected by damaging storms, tornados, hurricanes, heavy snowfall or heavy rain, your roof may have been affected. These harsh conditions can cause roof damage that cannot be repaired.

Your roof is a major investment, so make sure that you contact a home roofing contractor when the time comes to repair or replace it. In the Nashville, Tennessee area the professionals Vesta Homes, LLC are happy to help you with all your roofing needs, as well as any home remodeling that needs to be done. We work with a hand selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. If you are thinking about repairing your roof or remodeling your home, please contact us today.