Vesta Home Remodeling— Luxury Kitchen Remodels

When everyone gathers at home, it tends to be in the kitchen. We want our kitchens to stand out because they are the heart of our homes. We make memories, announcements, and even key decisions in this room. This is why many people choose to install a luxury kitchen at the center of their home.

The exact definition of a luxury kitchen varies for many of us. Styles come and go, plus everyone has different tastes. However, the right contractor can put the best architects and designers in place to get you exactly what you want. Here are a few things to think about in the process.

What Are Your Needs?

When planning your luxury kitchen remodel, the first thing to do is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many people are normally going to be in the kitchen on a daily basis?
  • What is your cooking and entertainment style? Do you have people over for meals frequently or infrequently?
  • Is the kitchen a place to hang out in your home or is it strictly the place where food is prepared?
  • How easy do you want clean-up to be in your kitchen? Do you want surfaces to be specially sealed?
  • What is the main luxury that you are looking for in this kitchen? A marble sink? Brass finishings? A high-tech oven and range?

After you answer these questions, your contractor and team will be better prepared to design your kitchen and help pick products that will be better suited for your new kitchen.

Luxury Finishes

When it comes to luxury kitchens, there are an endless amount of choices. Homeowners can lay out kitchens in a variety of ways. If you have a smaller home, you may choose a galley style kitchen with counters and cooktops on both sides of a narrow aisle. You might also choose an L-shaped kitchen, which is often angled and normally features a kitchen island. The most common shape in luxury kitchens is the U-shaped option with three walls, a center island, and plenty of storage.

There is no textbook style for luxury kitchens. While some homeowners prefer traditional stylistic choices, others lean more modern or contemporary. Some homes have even been able to pull off farmhouse, country, and rustic appearances while still remaining luxurious. It’s all a matter of finishing touches.

When shopping for your luxury kitchens look for materials that are attractive, durable, and high-end. When searching for appliances and accessories, you can choose from double and triple door refrigerators, ranges with multiple rows of burners, and high-tech induction ovens. Countertops and backsplashes are often made of granite, but may also feature mosaic or subway tiles for interest.

When it comes to cabinetry, most luxury kitchens use higher quality woods such as ebony or cherry which are then finished to perfection. With expert installation, these cabinets can be completed with a variety of hardware accents. Cabinet doors are another important style choice. If you’re going traditional, consider carved door faces and molding. However, sleek and unadorned doors provide a more modern look.

Finally, don’t underestimate just how much the right flooring can add to your new kitchen. You can choose from traditional hardwood flooring, marble, tile, and a plethora of other flooring options.

If you’re looking for a residential contractor in the Nashville, Tennessee area, consider letting Vesta Homes, LLC remodel your kitchen to give you the luxury space you’ve been envisioning. With over eighteen years of experience, Vesta Homes, LLC knows what it takes to build a quality custom kitchen (and new custom homes) that will stand the test of time. We work with a hand selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product.

Choosing a builder is the most important part of your project. If you are thinking about building our a new luxury kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen, please contact us today.