Vesta Home Remodeling— Home Expansion and Additions

If you’re experiencing growing pains in your home, it might be time to contact a home remodeling contractor about a home addition. During a home construction, you can expand your home to include new areas to suit the growing needs of your family. This includes anything from a small enclosed outdoor living area to large new living spaces in your home.

Let’s consider a few specific options for how a home construction job could add to your home.


A sunroom is traditionally a room built on the side of a home to supplement its living space. You can even close this space off from the main house. These rooms typically match the rest of the house visually from the exterior of the home, and can be heated and cooled to your preferences.

When it comes to code, sunrise get a fair amount of leeway since they are not year-round structures. Because of this, sunrooms are less costly than other home additions. Nevertheless, a residential contractor can talk to you about the pros and cons of this structure.

Garage Conversion

When looking to expand your home’s space into already an existing area, you may be interested in a garage conversion. This would entail turning the basic structure of your garage into a living space. Since there is already a structure in place, this project may be easier than adding an entirely new structure. Still, while some garages already have electrical, drywall, and windows, you may still need to worry about other things such as flooring, plumbing, cooling, and heating. Additionally, homes without a traditional garage have a lower resale value and are harder to sell than homes with a garage.

Bump Outs or Single Room Additions

Traditionally, a bump out is simply an extension of your already existing space. Bump outs can even come in the form of small spaces, such as a master walk-in closet. These additions are meant for a single function and normally only add a nominal amount of space. However, you will still need to consult a renovation contractor since additions will still be subject to inspections, building codes, and need to have permits pulled. All of this can be handled by a home renovation company.

House Addition

When the seams of your home are bursting, a home addition may be needed. A custom builder can help you with the home construction necessary to give you a multi-room structure addition that will blend seamlessly into your original home.

There are many types of home additions to provide the space you need while still adding value to your home. Some popular options include a great room, family room, dining room, master suite, and additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you are looking to expand your home in the Nashville, Tennessee area, contact the professional home contractors at Vesta Homes, LLC. We understand what it takes to build a quality home, addition, or remodel from the bottom up that will stand the test of time. Vesta Homes, LLC provides remodeling and new home services in Wilson and Sumner Counties. We look forward to serving you.