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Custom Home Building: Do I Need to Purchase Land Before Hiring a Builder?

When you’re considering building a custom home, just knowing how to get the whole process started can seem like a daunting and confusing task. One question that you may have is whether you need to purchase your land prior to hiring a residential home builder.  Unless you really have your heart set on a certain… Read more »

Custom Home Building: Should You Build a Home Addition?

Does your home feel smaller than you need? Does it lack some of the vital amenities you desire, such as a spacious kitchen? While moving might have crossed your mind, you probably don’t want the stress or cost associated with that decision. Not to mention that you probably love your neighborhood, the amenities close to… Read more »

How Does the Site I Choose Change the Custom Home Building Process?

You are all ready to start building your new custom home. You’ve discussed the custom home design with your residential home builder and you are ready for them to break ground. Everything should be simple now, right? Well, maybe not. Not every lot of land is created the same. If you are building in a… Read more »

Should You Build a Guest House or Add On to Your Home?

As your family increases in size, let’s say you’ve decided that you need more space. Most of the time, it’s a recent college grad who has moved home or a grandparent moving in. You may even decide that you want some extra income flowing in through a rental space. In any case, what do you… Read more »

Custom Home Building: How Long Does it Take?

Let’s say you’ve made the big decision to build a new custom home. If so, congratulations are in order! But your journey has just begun. It takes time to build a custom home. But the question is, exactly how much time does it take? The answer can vary slightly. The ballpark answer is that it… Read more »

5 Popular Home Styles for Natural Settings

When we picture a home set in a natural landscape, the log cabin often comes to mind. However, it’s important to remember that there are more options than this for homes in natural settings. Some of these home plans are more traditional, others are rather surprising. Either way, the contrast between the homes and nature… Read more »