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Custom Home Building: Do I Need to Purchase Land Before Hiring a Builder?

When you’re considering building a custom home, just knowing how to get the whole process started can seem like a daunting and confusing task. One question that you may have is whether you need to purchase your land prior to hiring a residential home builder.  Unless you really have your heart set on a certain… Read more »

How Does the Site I Choose Change the Custom Home Building Process?

You are all ready to start building your new custom home. You’ve discussed the custom home design with your residential home builder and you are ready for them to break ground. Everything should be simple now, right? Well, maybe not. Not every lot of land is created the same. If you are building in a… Read more »

Nashville Custom Homes: The Hottest Home Renovation Trends

If you’re looking to a home renovation team to customize your home in Nashville, you may want take a look at current trends. There are hundreds of options to choose from for your custom home design. Choosing the right materials, colors, and other elements can be a daunting task, so we’ve narrowed down some of… Read more »