Remodeling vs. Renovation: What Does Your Home Need?

You will often hear talk of “renovation” and “remodeling” when it comes time to do work on your home. To most people’s ears, these words seem interchangeable. While both terms are used when doing any type of improvements to your home, they differ in what type of construction will take place during each one. Here’s a short guide to understanding the difference.


Renovation usually means repair. Therefore, the changes in a renovation are more subtle than the changes of a remodel. The purpose of renovation construction is to restore or repair an existing structure to bring it back to a like-new appearance.

While you can still replace fixtures with new items or even add new elements in a renovation, the original design of the space is not drastically altered. It may be slightly updated to be more on trend, but the original plan remains at the root.

Renovation takes place especially in older homes when you are trying to retain the charm but update to a more modern feel with some added subtle touches. A custom home renovation allows you to make these changes without losing the feel of the home you know and love. A renovation contractor will be able to help with this.


When you remodel a home, you are making significant changes to its original form and structure. Rather than simply doing a few repairs, a remodel changes the entire appearance of a home. When a home remodeling contractor does remodeling on your home, they work on its function, structure, and appearance by changing the existing layout and design.

A home remodel will completely alter the room and not merely update the original. Even reconfiguring the floorplan counts as remodeling since that changes the original room design. Anything that changes the room from the original design is considered remodeling rather than renovation.

It is important to know the difference between remodeling and renovation so that you can convey what you want to your professional home contractor. With clear communication, a professional home contractor will efficiently help you make plans and decisions for your property. Different decisions should be made if you are making choices based on getting your home ready to sell versus if you are making personal choices for everyday living. As there are various costs associated with each type of construction, your home contractor can help guide you with any questions during the decision making process.

Now that you know the differences between renovating and remodeling, you are better prepared to make the choice between the two. If you are in the market to remodel or renovate in the Nashville, Tennessee area, contact Vesta Homes with any questions. We’ve been helping homeowners for over twenty years and would love to help you with any of your home renovation and remodeling needs. We understand what it takes to build a quality home, addition, or remodel from the bottom up that will stand the test of time. If you are thinking about building a home or remodeling your existing home, please give us a call!