Home Renovation Contractors: How You Know You’re Getting a Fair Estimate

When it comes time to remodel your home, cost is a primary concern. This is why all home remodeling companies give potential customers an estimate. The results are often intimidating, but do not fear! Once you learn how a home remodeling contractor creates an estimate, you will have a better understanding of how to evaluate them.

Here’s a short guide to understanding how contractors go about making estimates so that you can better understand if you’re getting a fair one.

What to Expect in an Estimate

When a remodeling contractor works up an estimate for remodeling your home, it’s important to know what it entails and how to read it. The estimate should include all costs associated with materials and labor to complete the remodel.

Estimates between contractors can vary depending on the types of materials they use and the cost of labor they charge. Contractors may also use different types of software to estimate their bids. For a homeowner who is trying to compare costs, this can be confusing. One way to eliminate some hangups is to make sure all contractors are using the same grade of materials and finishes on your home remodeling project.

With most estimates, you should see a breakdown of how the costs associated with the project are factored in. There will be a section for material costs, labor costs, and maybe even for demolition as well. An estimate should be very detailed and leave you with no question as to what every dollar will be allocated. There may also be a section detailing what will happen in case any unexpected repairs are necessary.

Additionally, some general contractors may charge a fee to provide an estimate while others offer free estimates in the hope of securing the project.

Ask Questions About the Estimate

If you have any questions about the estimate, be sure to ask your remodeling contractor about them. They will be glad to answer any questions you have. Be sure to ask these questions before the project begins! Here are a few questions to ask when looking at the estimate:

  • When can the contractor start the project and when do they expect to complete it?
  • What is the scope of the project? Will there be a project manager over each part of the job?
  • What are the payment terms?
  • What are the costs associated with pulling permits for this project? Are these included in the cost of the estimate? Will the contractor pull the permits, or is this a job for the homeowner?
  • Can the contractor show proof of license, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and bonding?

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