Home Builds and Renovations: Where Should Your Home Addition Be?

Putting a room addition on your home can do a lot for both your family and your home, providing increased space and value. But building a home addition is also one of the bigger home improvement projects you can undertake. What are the considerations you should make when you and your professional contractor are discussing the home addition? The number one thing to think about is location, location, location.


What is the purpose of your room addition. Are you trying to create more living space? Do you want a master bedroom suite? Are you trying to fix the problem of a too-small kitchen or bathroom?

Depending on your goal, some decisions will be made for you: if you want to expand a bathroom, you’ll be working out from one of your current bathrooms. But other choices aren’t so cut and dry: if you want an extra bedroom, for example, you aren’t necessarily limited by plumbing or other extraneous factors. You might add on to a current bedroom, or you might add another wing to the floor where most of the bedrooms already are.

But you can also be creative. A guest bedroom that’s detached from the rest of the bedrooms may offer guests and family members some prized privacy. A home renovation team can help you decide what is necessary for your needs.

Top to Bottom

You also want to consider whether your room addition will require roof or foundation work. Plenty of additions do, and it’s something that can be accomplished with the right team of residential contractors. But if you don’t want to mess with the foundation or the roof, there are other options. Bump out additions, for example, conveniently build extra space off the side of your home. You’ll be limited on space for an addition like this, but if you aren’t looking to add an entire new living room to your home, this may be an option that works.

Making it Blend

Whether or not you expand your roof or foundation to support your room addition, you definitely want to make it blend. You want the new structure to look like it belongs with the rest of your house. Some homes use multiple types of material, such as part brick and part siding, and it’s best to consider what will be easiest to blend with your home’s current style. Consider how you’ll make your house look like one cohesive unit when choosing the location of your room addition.

Home additions can seem like a daunting task to homeowners. The good news is that Vesta Homes, LLC in Nashville, Tennessee area is a company with home renovation contractors who are experts in the business of expanding your home one square foot at a time. We work with a hand selected team of vendors, subcontractors, architects, and designers that come together to provide an elite product. We have the expertise to take your home renovation project from just a thought to a dream come true.