Custom Home Building: Do I Need Plans or Blueprints Before Hiring a Builder?

When it comes time for construction to begin on your custom home, there is a long list of items you must attend to before your home builders can begin. It’s important to know what to do – and in what order.

Of course, the process starts with finding the right residential home builders. Once you’ve found some custom home builders, you may question if you can go ahead and hire them if you don’t already have blueprints or home plans already in place. Here are a couple of ways to secure home plans.


If you choose to hire your own architect, you can have a home plan or blueprint drawn up before hiring a residential builder. You should get several bids and interview several architects since they will be drawing up a foundational plan for your home. See what is included in their services and how knowledgeable they are regarding current pricing of materials and labor. Working with an architect is particularly helpful if you’re working around a plot of land.

One of the main drawbacks of working directly with an architect is the cost of their services. The cost of working directly with an architect versus working with one through a builder is considerably more.

Custom Builders

If you choose for your custom home plans to come through your builder, you’ll likely receive a variety of benefits you wouldn’t receive from working with an architect. First of all, a custom builder has contacts with architects and normally has an agreed upon rate with them, which will end up providing fee control and saving you money.

When an architect is part of the team, they can better grasp the procedures and costs of construction. The infrastructure has more checks and balances and the entire project is more likely to stay on budget. Additionally, when the architect works hand in hand with the builder, any changes to the building plans can be addressed without a long game of office tag.

Collaboration between architect and builder also means that you don’t need to have your blueprints completed before hiring a builder. The builder will be in on the process from day one to help make budget decisions and keep things in line financially. An outside source may not take these things into consideration.

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