Questions for Custom Home Builder

Checklist: Sample Interview for Your Custom Home Builder

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. When it comes to a custom-made home, make sure that you choose a trustworthy home builder who has been in the custom built homes business for years.

To help make sure you get the right custom home contractor, consider the following questions that will help guide you in an interview.

Standard Business Questions

To ease into the interview, get the standard questions out of the way first.

  1.    How many years have you been a custom house builder for yourself and/or for someone else? How many of those years have you spent locally in this region?

You do not want a contractor who claims to have been in the business for twenty years, but whose credentials in another state are difficult to verify. Local contractors are easy to verify and will have a reputation to back up their work and experience.

  1. Could we see some of your past work? Could you also refer to us to some references from past custom home owners?

Custom builders should be proud of their work and ready with examples and references. If they do not have these ready, the odds are strong that they are either unprepared or do not actually have work to show. Seeing their finished work will also let you know whether their work is what you are looking for or not.

  1.    Do you provide all of the work when it comes to permits, designs, and supplies?

You want a builder who is all hands on deck. If they need assistance for pulling permits or ordering supplies, they might not be the contractor for you.

  1.    Are you fully licensed and insured?

Your lender will require that the builder provide proof of insurance and licensing, so make sure you get an affirmative answer to this question to avoid any surprises.

Money Issues

After you’ve asked the standard opening questions, it’s time to start talking about money.

  1.    What is included in the price of the custom home? Which finishes are considered standard finishes and which ones are upgrades? What happens if something comes up during the construction process? How are those charges determined?
  2.    Can you detail the cost specifications so that we know exactly what we’re paying for?
  3.    How will you help ensure that I stay within my given budget, even if/when a problem arises?

Other Business Questions

Finally, consider a few remaining questions to help you better understand the custom home building process.

  1.    What kind of warranty will there be on my custom built home?

While there are standard home warranties required by building codes, many reputable custom builders will honor their own home warranty.

  1.    Do you have assistance in home finishing selection?

There are so many things that go into completing a custom home design such as paint colors, fixtures, cabinets, and more. While you may not be educated on all the trends, your home contractor or a member of their design team should be.

  1.  What is your time frame for completing this project?

While you want your custom home completed at the highest quality, you also want it done in a timely manner.

There are many other questions that you can ask a custom house builder, but you first want to make sure that you get the basics covered. If you are in the Nashville, Tennessee area, contact Vesta Homes, LLC for all of your custom home needs. With years of experience, we understand what it takes to build a quality home, addition, or remodel from the bottom up that will stand the test of time. We can help you take the first steps toward the custom home you’ve been envisioning.