5 Popular Home Styles for Natural Settings

When we picture a home set in a natural landscape, the log cabin often comes to mind. However, it’s important to remember that there are more options than this for homes in natural settings. Some of these home plans are more traditional, others are rather surprising. Either way, the contrast between the homes and nature… Read more »

Home Additions: Where is the Best Place to Build New Rooms?

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Moving to Nashville: A New Homeowner’s Guide to Music City: Part Five: Nashville Culture

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Moving to Nashville: A New Homeowner’s Guide to Music City: Part Four: Nashville Schools

When choosing an area for building your new custom home, you may be concerned with school districts and educational choices for your children. While not impossible, it might be difficult for your child to attend a school outside of their school district when you move to the Nashville area. This is a worthwhile consideration before… Read more »

Moving to Nashville: A New Homeowner’s Guide to Music City: Part Three: Best Places to Build

Now that you’ve explored the city of Nashville and are learning everything that it has to offer, you may be ready to find the area where you want to build your new custom home. Since there are so many communities and neighborhoods to choose from, you’ll want to be sure that you pick the one… Read more »

Moving to Nashville: A New Homeowner’s Guide to Music City Part Two: Nashville Neighborhoods

After you’ve decided to build your new custom built home in Nashville, the next few questions are all about neighborhoods. You’re in luck. With no shortage of eclectic neighborhoods, Nashville offers a place for everyone, no matter where you are looking in the city. Downtown and the Surrounding Areas If you’re looking for a location… Read more »

Moving to Nashville: A New Homeowner’s Guide to Music City Part One: Why Nashville?

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6 Finishes for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re looking to do some kitchen and bath remodeling, cabinets are always the right way to close out a project. When it comes time to think about cabinetry, you can choose to have the same look throughout your home or feature different styles across various rooms. The differences mostly depend on the finishes you… Read more »

Home Renovation Contractors: How You Know You’re Getting a Fair Estimate

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Custom Home Building: Do I Need Plans or Blueprints Before Hiring a Builder?

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