6 Finishes for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re looking to do some kitchen and bath remodeling, cabinets are always the right way to close out a project. When it comes time to think about cabinetry, you can choose to have the same look throughout your home or feature different styles across various rooms. The differences mostly depend on the finishes you choose.

Choosing a new cabinet finish is an important step toward creating the perfect atmosphere in a kitchen or bathroom. There are pros and cons for each type of finish, so be sure to pick the one that works best for each particular room and for your personal style as a homeowner. Here’s a short guide to your finish options.

Classic Finishes

If you are looking for tried and true styles, take a look at these options:

  • Painted Cabinets – You can paint cabinets in an array of opaque colors. On tighter grained woods, the finish will appear smooth. On coarse grained wood (such as oak), the finish will appear textured. Many current trends feature the upper cabinets in one color and the lower cabinets in a darker color. Bear in mind that there could be maintenance required on painted cabinets to repair any chips, marks, fingerprints, or residue from normal use.

o   White Painted Cabinets – While not as popular as it once was, white is still widely used to make small kitchens appear larger. It makes a room feel bright and complements most spaces.

o   Black Painted Cabinets – Black cabinets are trendier these days and you can choose from a matte or glossy finish depending on your style. Black painted cabinets add a sophisticated and contemporary touch to any space.

  • Stained Cabinets – If you want to finish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets without losing their wood appearance, you may want to stain them. Stain allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through while adding color to enhance the exquisite grain. Cabinet stain ranges from light to very dark. The darker the stain, the more you hide the grain. The lighter the stain, the more grain you will notice.
  • Glazed Cabinets – Wet or dry cabinet glazes highlight the various edges of your cabinetry. The wet process is sprayed over the entire cabinet and then wiped off. It will change the overall color of the finish. Dry glaze is hand applied to certain areas and leaves the base color untouched.

Trendy Finishes

There are a few other trendy finishes with sticking power. Take a look at each and decide if one will bring the right aesthetic to your home.

  • Antiquing and Vintage Finishes – Antiquing gives the appearance of natural wear and years of use, including light dents and scrapes. Vintage is an even heavier version of the antiquing finish with gray toned edges and black speckling. These effects are not always patterned, so the resulting cabinet doors may not be identical.
  • Weathered Finishes – A weathered finished cabinet has the appearance of rain, wind, and sun exposure, much like driftwood.
  • Laminate Finishes – While it may not seem like an obvious choose, you may want to finish your cabinets with a textured or solid laminate. Laminate finishes comes in many colors and even in a wood grain.

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