5 Popular Home Styles for Natural Settings

When we picture a home set in a natural landscape, the log cabin often comes to mind. However, it’s important to remember that there are more options than this for homes in natural settings. Some of these home plans are more traditional, others are rather surprising. Either way, the contrast between the homes and nature appeals to many designers and homebuyers. Here are a few different home styles to choose from.

Traditional Home Styles

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod originated in the 17th Century in New England. The classic Cape Cod home is small with a simple symmetric design. Most of these homes have one-and-a-half stories with a moderately steep pitched roof with gables, and a chimney normally located in the center of the home. Most Cape Cod homes are covered in cedar shingles with little ornamentation. The general floor plan includes the master suite on the ground floor with any additional bedrooms upstairs.

The Cape Cod has a cozy layout and even allows for a garage to the side. Dormers can be added for additional space. If you are looking to build a custom home on the smaller side, then you may want to mention the Cape Cod to your residential home builder.


Ranch homes first appeared around the 1920s and were widely popular in the 1970s. This style of home originated in the United States and includes all of the living space on one level, which makes customization and configuration easier. These homes encourage an open floor plan. Additionally, you’ll also find raised ranch homes with finished basements. Some features of a ranch include a long, low roofline, and an open, simple layout. Ranches are typically U-shaped, L-shaped, or rectangular. Home builders will tell you that a ranch style home is easy for future additions.


Craftsman homes were born of the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th century and became popular in the 1930s. They’re making a strong comeback in today’s market.

Craftsman are known for their simple design, but they also have strong bones with great detail. Craftsman style houses place an emphasis on natural materials and tend to be symmetrical structures. They have a low-pitched roof with gables, overhanging eaves, and wide front porches with pedestals or tapered columns that extend to the ground level. Handcrafted woodwork or stone is a common element. Craftsman homes have compact but open interiors that allow for easy traffic flow. They often feature built-in cabinetry, bookcases, furniture, and eating nooks. Rich in detail, you’ll often find fireplaces and exposed beams in these homes as well.

Non-Traditional Home Styles

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes may not seem like a likely choice to build in a natural setting. However, the contrast is often stunning. The comforts of a contemporary home are made even sweeter with plenty of visual connections to surrounding natural beauty. Home plans may feature large second-story windows for a connection to treetops. Or, walls of windows can draw the eyes to surrounding mountaintops and water features.

With the right design choices, a contemporary home can add to its surroundings. For instance, the divergent wings of a home could mimic the branches of a central tree. Or, a home may feature large windows and a light stone exterior to complement the wide-open skies of the lakeside. Known for their irregular facade and strong use of geometric shapes, the contemporary home appeals to those with a minimalist mindset. The flat roof, distinct lines, and simple design make them instantly recognizable. A home design team can help you make the right choices to customize a new custom home for your needs.

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes are characterized by a steep pitched roof and dark half timbering. The Tudor has a classic look with low ceilings and small rooms. The Tudor originated in England and gained popularity in the US from 1890 to 1940. They are popular in the Midwest and along the East Coast since they are well suited to snowy and rainy climates. Tudor style homes are known for their steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs, and decorative half-timber framing. It is not uncommon for some eaves to plunge nearly to the ground. These homes tend to have arched doorways and heavy wooden doors. You’ll also find massive brick or stone chimneys topped with elaborate chimney pots.

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